Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{Thanksgiving Blessings}

WOW! I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is RIGHT HERE ON US. I find the older I become the faster time seems to fly.

Welcome to my little bit of Fall this year!

I went very simple this year with my tablescape. Gold flatware went well with the color scheme and paired up perfectly with light gold napkins and wooden napkin rings.

Love my new dishes this year and what I really loved about them was the price!

I had the goblets but I bought these dishes from a yard sale and loved the simple design. Each setting consisted of 4 pieces and I winded up with a service for 12 for $15! Not to shabby of a deal huh? A few pieces had some chips but nothing noticeable. Love me a deal! The table runner was actually a curtain but goes perfect with my colors.

Simple candle setting for centerpiece. I found this at the Family Dollar Store for $8. I've had the cute leaf salt/pepper shakers for a few years.

Creamer, sugar and artificial sweetener sits on this tray I've had for a long time in my little harvest pretties.

A little Fall from the ceiling...

Awe...and yes I do love these canisters. I actually bought a set of three for my motherinlove one year. After she went home to be with Jesus they came back to me.

This one stores goodies for the grandbabies.

This one worked out perfect for utensils.
The 3rd one actually has a candle in it but I forgot to snap a pic.

 This old vase sits in a corner in my kitchen on a wooden tray stand and it was one of those treasures that was handed down to me from my grandmother.

Gotta have some scarecrows and these two are getting on up in age...

I've had Henry for years and years. He has went from the front porch to the carport, from the living room to the hallway and now he sits in the kitchen this year. He's made his rounds. The grandbabies love him. 

I've had up my little bit of Fall since September so I could enjoy it a little longer than usual. Thanksgiving is a time to truly count our blessings isn't it?

 Free printable (found on the web)
Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, and I can’t even begin to express in words the gratitude I have for all that I have been given beginning with my salvation.  I truly feel blessed! But when I count my blessings these little blessings surely are at the top of my list.

My oldest daughter Kristy and her family.

My Middle daughter Melissa and her family. 

My youngest daughter and her family...

And I did say family as this sweet little girl will be joining us in April!

 And last but by far least...this man....The Lord knew what He was doing many moons ago when He gave me my man! 

 No one would EVER put up with me like he does. But can I tell you a little secret? one would put up with him like I do either!

I praise the Lord for the blessings in my life.

We are truly blessed aren't we?

 What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

{Gender Reveal Party}

Well finally the big day arrived for my daughter and her husband's gender reveal party. Needless to say everyone was excited. Our theme was Lures and Lace and everything was decorated in blue and pink. We decided to serve sweets only since this would be an early afternoon party.

Let the party begin.... 

The sign was the first thing everyone saw as they drove into the driveway. Made it all the more fun.

 She wore pink and he wore blue....Neither of them knew what the gender was!

Come on in....

Ready to get the party started...

The other side of the pink balloon with the ? mark on it was blue. We also had pink and blue balloons along the road on the way to the party. 

A little pink....

Diaper cake

And a little blue....

Diaper cake

See the little shoes?

So cute....

 LURES or LACE????

Pink and Blue white chocolate onesies...

Oreo's dipped in white chocolate and colored sprinkles. And since the expecting parent's last name is STARR why not some pink and blue chocolate stars?

Dipped pretzels...



 And cake....

Rice Krispie Treats 

All I can say is we had a major sugar high going on.

Which pin would she wear????

 The voting begins....The Boy is winning.

What will this sweet little baby be?
And look at the foot! You can count the toes!

They are ready to pop the balloon to see what color falls out....

Anticipation is killing us!

Only one person knew the gender and that was a close family friend. The gender of the baby was placed in a sealed envelope and given to our friend. Then she filled the balloon with the color of confetti needed. The parent's did not know nor the GRANDPARENT'S!

The moment arrived...1...2...3!

IT'S A GIRL......

 They will be the proud parents of a sweet little girl!

I see lots of PINK coming our way!

And the next day our soninlove sent my daughter this beautiful bouquet of carnations and roses to her job! YEP...he is getting the hang of PINK!

And just so you will know...this will be our 5th grandchild. We have three daughters, three grandgirls and one grandson. For the other grandmother...she has two sons and one grandson. So...this will be her first grandgirl! Got a feeling this little bundle of PINK is going to be spoiled rotten!

Praising the Lord for His goodness. Thanks for tagging along with me for the gender reveal. It was a fun party!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Thursday, October 29, 2015

{Fall Party}

Each year our family has the Conner Fall party in which we have so much fun. Food, sweets, games, prizes and lots of laughing fill this family event. Needless to say memories are made.

This year me and my daughters dressed like Superheros. I don't know who was more shocked at my auburn man or my grandkids! 

One of my grandgirls told me the wig made me look younger....I MIGHT BE WEARING IT MORE OFTEN!

My grandbabies sure had fun as always.


Needless to say the kiddos lined right up to throw the ball and knock down the cans. We definitely have some PITCHERS.

And the party would not be complete without tossing the balls into the pumpkins! Especially when they are going to win LIVE GOLDFISH!


Who can have a Fall party without playing "Go Fish"?.

The object of the game was to knock over the bottles without using your hands!

Another little Pitcher up to throw!

Pumpkin carving is always fun.

More game time with the kiddos.

My fatheirnlove thought he would show us how to walk the PLANK!

The Mummy wrap! 

This little one could care less about any of it....just let her eat the pumpkin and she was happy.

Proud of their carved pumpkins.

Everyone wanted to know why my man didn't dress up like a Superhero. His answer: I am a SUPERHERO for putting up with 4 women in my life all these years!

We had lots of Superheros this year at  our party! Can't wait to see what we come up with next year. 

Hot dogs and chili enjoyed by all....

We ended our day with a hay ride and story time. We actually had games that we didn't play because the ADULTS was wore out!!!

Our newest PUMPKIN is on the way so what better pumpkin for my daughter to carve than a baby pumpkin!

And we're having a gender reveal party this Sunday evening to reveal what this sweet little pumpkin will be! (lots of pictures to come I am sure)

 I hope that you all have a safe and happy Halloween. Enjoy family and friends...Make some memories and Happy Fall! 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy