Wednesday, July 29, 2015

{Waiting on the Lord}

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Well, I don't know about you but sometimes I find "waiting" hard to do. When I wanted something that usually meant I really wanted it last week! How about you? Do you find yourself becoming impatient when waiting on something? 

Waiting is our biggest battle.  We wait at the red light for what seems to takes 30 minutes to turn green. We wait in line at the grocery store with a buggy loaded down along with 20 others only to see that two lines are open for business. We wait for something we've ordered to come in through the mail that has been on back order and well..the waiting can try our patience. 

Then there's other "waiting" periods in our life too. The ones that seem to be of a more serious nature.  We wait for healing and it doesn’t happen.  We wait for financial provision and still struggle to make ends meet. We wait for a new position on our job to become available and yet two years later we find we are still waiting. We wait for our loved ones to get saved.  We wait for an answer to life’s purpose and find ourselves still in the same spot. Around us, everyone else is finding their answers and walking through opened doors yet at times it seems that there we are...still waiting! We look to God knowing He holds the answers.  We hope, we pray, and we wait.

Most often we’re waiting for an answer or a little push in a certain direction.  A direction we’ve already predetermined. Can I get an AMEN on that one? It's kinda like praying and asking for God's Will but yet we truly hope and pray that He sees things our way. We make a list of our wants and needs (and mostly wants) and as we pray our prayers turn into more like a To-Do list than an intimate conversation.  And before we ever bow our heads and utter “Dear Lord,” we already know exactly what we want and when we want it.

 We are His creation.Yet, too often we wait as if it’s the other way around. When we focus on what He can do rather than who He is, we bind our own prayer life. The truth is...waiting has nothing to do with us.

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As we wait on the Lord, our eyes and hearts are opened.  And though our wait is not always easy, it’s within the waiting where we are drawn closer to our Lord.

Whatever your situation, God holds the answer.  And His reality is always worth the wait.

What are you waiting for today? Trust that the God that has created you has something wonderful planned and His Way, His Timing and His Will is ALWAYS best. 

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 Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Monday, July 27, 2015

{Who wants to go to the BEACH?}

Well, I will be going to the beach with my family in a few weeks and the grandbabies are counting down the days for sure. In the meantime I will just enjoy a simple "Beach" tablescape at home and think about the beach.

Aren't these plates from Walmart just adorable? Love the colors.Added my bamboo table runner with bamboo silverware and liked how it looked with the beach theme.

 I had a few of those cute little fish bowls I had used for something else so grabbed them up.  I didn't have enough fish net to put on them and my box I used for my centerpiece but some Burlap ribbon saved the day with a few painted seashells left over from our beach trip last year. I also had a couple of nice larger shells from St. Augustine Beach so painted them as well to use.

A little colored water and some sea shells and well, it worked for me!

 Cute little salt and pepper shakers.

I was pleased with my little wooden box I had purchased while in Jesup, Ga. More pleased with the chalk paint recipe that I used. Chalk paint went on smooth. Good thing I love about making your own chalk paint is that it's so much cheaper to make your own. Also there is no need to prime, dries faster and most of the time one coat is all that is needed. (depending on your project) 

I really like how the blues, yellows and greens came together for a beach theme. 

A little bunting to match.

A few added embellishments along the way!

I didn't want to go and buy more candles so had some craft paper in the colors I wanted to use and decided to wrap some old candles with what I had left over in my stash. Worked great!

I had saved a large tin can for a craft project so decided to use some of the crafting paper I had to wrap it with. I used a little twine at the top and the bottom and sure holds a lot of snacks for the grands!

I love the paper.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my cute beach tablescape and other little goodies. 
There is nothing like bringing a little bit of the beach to the country!

But in a couple of weeks my toes will be here....

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Staying here...

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And I plan to be doing a lot of this....

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And oh I must share...I was featured as a guest on "Like Gramma's House" blog today! 
It was so sweet of Jonell to feature one of my post and it has been one my favorite posts...Son-Flowers! Made me smile....Go check it out when you have time. 

 Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

{When Life's Interruptions Becomes God's Divine Appointment)

I was sitting in a comfy seat with a cute little pink robe on drinking my hot Lemon Raspberry Tea while looking at a magazine and I felt it. THE NUDGE!
Has someone ever NUDGED you? Especially when you are minding your own business, not bothering anyone else and not want to be bothered but all of a sudden you felt the nudge. 

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I was waiting my turn to be called in to do the Annual Mammogram. What every woman loves to do right? And for me it's an every 6 month thing so needless to say I know the ropes! Been doing it for so long now that one of the receptionist that has been there for at least the past 13 years that I have been going asked me how my FOUR grandchildren was doing and if I had any more on the way! (her memory is good is all I know)  I know my choices of colors for my little robe gown is white or pink. (I always choose pink) I know that I have a choice of decaf or regular coffee or I can pick from an assortment of flavored teas. Since I am an early morning appointment and had my share of coffee I go for the wonderful flavored teas. I also know that there are lots of magazines to choose from while waiting and I usually snatch up the decorating ones or the DIY. I also know that sometimes the process can be lengthy so I get comfortable and try not to focus on the (squeeze) of the event! (I couldn't resist that one...sorry ladies!) 
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On this particular day I truthfully just wanted to hand over my Identification card, Health insurance card and Physician's orders to the nice lady at the speak when spoken get the testing done and then GO SHOPPING! I that too much to ask for? GOODWILL was calling my name along with Joann's, Michael's, and well, you get the picture.And I winded up in Lifeway for 1 hour and 45 minutes......YEEKS...I love that place!

I don't care what type of personality you have...whether you are a talker non-stop, a people person or Miss America...we all have days that we just don't want to be bothered and we truly don't want to be interrupted. Well, the Lord had something different in mind for me.  

As I was flipping through the magazine and sipping on my hot tea I noticed a younger woman, maybe 20 years younger than me sitting across the room. Now the room was packed with women like a bunch of sardines in a can but she stood out. She had this look on her face of "fear" and she was trying very hard to not make eye contact with anyone near her. I noticed her biting her nails and every now and then she would rub her arm. Somehow I didn't think it was because her arm was hurting though. I felt it was simply to console herself.  I know that look so I silently prayed for her to feel a peace (my first nudge) and I went back to looking at the latest furniture distressing technique.   
Then I heard her on her cell phone and I could tell her voice was shaken as I heard her say, "I will call you as soon as I leave here, I promise".  That is when it happened it again....that NUDGE!

I've walked with the Lord long enough to know when the NUDGE is for me to go into action. But that doesn't mean that I always obey I am ashamed to say. 

So I continued to sit there sipping on my hot tea and talking under my breath to the Lord. I wanted Him to be aware that there were a lot of women in that room in which I am sure some of them knew Him personally just as I did and would be more than glad to walk over and minister to this young woman! Have you ever felt that way too? You just wanted someone else to do the job and you'd like a little peace and quiet for a change? (Just being real here ladies)

I wonder how often the Lord just sits there and shakes His head at us poor ignorant children of His because we are trying to TALK HIM out of USING US for our good and His glory!!!
The nurse came out and called the lady's name that was sitting beside the young women. The young woman began to fumble with the tie on her little pink robe gown and my heart felt that NUDGE again.
 The word Nudge means; to push slightly or gently, especially with the elbow, to get someones attention, or prod someone into action. Well let's just say I didn't feel a nudge of an elbow but I had a feeling that If I did not move into action that the Lord was fixing to ELBOW me for sure. 

I took one more look at that young woman sitting across from me and realized that this young woman could so easily be about the age of my oldest daughter and the fear of one of my daughters sitting in a hospital gown anxiously and fearfully waiting her turn was more than this mama could take! No more NUDGING was needed. I walked over to get a 2nd cup of tea and simply said to her...."would you like a cup of hot tea sweetie?

Have you been there too? Knowing that the Holy Spirit was nudging you into action but you was secretly hoping that "feeling" would go away? Maybe the nudging came as "Get out of your comfort zone at church and go to the alter and pray with that lady that is on her knees". Maybe that nudging has been "walk over and introduce yourself to the guests at church that is only sitting a few rows over from you. The nudging might be "to begin a ministry" but you are afraid to step out in faith with it. Maybe the nudging of the Holy Spirit has been simply to offer someone a cup of hot tea and then let Him be your guide.  Nudging comes in different ways and most often at times when we least expect it. That nudging is called 

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God's timing was perfect that day and I am so glad that I did obey though I admit I was hesitant. was never about me to begin with. But it was ALL ABOUT HIM!

The young woman shared that she was there for more diagnostic testing. It started out with her finding a lump and then the mammogram revealed two lumps on the same side in which one was very suspicious.Her mom and her grandmother  had already experienced the ugliness of breast cancer.Her older sister had already experienced a scare as well. She was afraid, alone and unsure of the outcome. In a short amount of time I found out that she was one year older than my oldest daughter. She had 3 small children and she had been a Christian for about 5 years.  Something that I have shared in our ladies Bible Study classes came to my mind suddenly. I told her to flip her hand up so she could see the palm of her hand and she did. I then just simply asked her to imagine that her palm was the palm of Jesus and in the middle of His palm her name was engraved and nothing could EVER snatch her from HIM!

About that time my name was called and I left her with what I pray was a reassurance that she was not alone. That Christ was there with her.  I looked for her when I came out but I did not see her. I even waited around for a few minutes in the lobby to see if I could spot her but did not. However, I did leave knowing that God interrupted two lives that day and it was for our good and His glory.  

The young woman's name was Leslie. Would you take a minute to pray for her? 

I am so glad that He didn't have to ELBOW me! 

May we be more mindful that the interruptions in our life can very well be God's Divine Appointment.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy